Each year, at Zanthorrea, we have a stunning display of Everlastings. By the time they flower in late Winter, it is already too late to plant seed. Autumn is the best time to plant!

Our tried and true method is as follows:
• Eliminate weeds by cultivating, pulling by hand or spraying with a weedicide.
• Improve the soil by digging in some compost, soil improver or well rotted animal manure.
• Rake the area, leaving grooves for the seed. Mix the seed with clean sand or soil improver for even distribution, and scatter. Using the back of the rake, lightly cover the seeds. Good quality seed
gives best results.
• Water well, or plant after rain. After the seeds germinate, ensure they receive some water. Foliage fertiliser applied soon after germination will encourage healthy growth and larger flowers. Bait with an iron based snail bait if snails and slugs are present.
• By late winter, the flowers will be ready to pick. To preserve flowers, pick before flower is fully open. Hang the flowers upside down in a cool, dry place.
• Seeds may be collected for the next season, when flowers have “blown” (fully opened). Store old flower heads in a labelled paper bag in a cool, dry place. Plants will reseed in situ, but ants, water and wind may result in fewer plants germinating each year. Seed is available at the nursery in scatter packs or bulk packs for verge planting

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