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Luxury Pool Landscaping

Green West Landscaping specialises in designing outdoor pool landscapes that are nothing short of extraordinary. We can create a tranquil and luxurious tropical haven – ideal for relaxation, family entertaining or elegant garden parties. From the initial idea to the final product, we make sure to exceed your expectations and deliver an outstandingly beautiful pool landscape.

At Green West, you will get a complete pool landscaping service. We pride ourselves on superb, innovative landscape designs around pools, with professional construction and maintenance that you won’t find anywhere else. No backyard is too demanding for us as we have experience in pool area landscaping for both commercial and residential properties all over Perth and WA.

Landscaping Around Pools

Why Choose Green West Landscaping For Your Pool?

Green West Landscaping creates the most breathtaking designs around pools, built with Perth’s hot and sunny summers in mind. When you choose us to landscape your pool area, we make sure to develop a unique design that is highly personalised and tailored to your needs. Our talented designers will go the extra mile to dream up a pool area that is an extension of your home where you feel utterly relaxed and blissful.

We know practical and beautiful swimming pool landscaping that will enhance your property is an important investment and every detail must be perfect. This is why we work with the best team and use only top-quality materials. We will work closely with you on a 3D design until you are happy, then execute the plan in a professional and timely manner. You can rely on our expertise to add value to your property and make your swimming pool a focal point in your outdoor area.

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Pool Landscape Designs in Perth

Superior Pool Landscape Designs

Green West offers superior pool landscape designs in Perth. We produce stunning gardens and backyards, carefully created to match your lifestyle and personality. With over 30 years of experience, we know exactly how to make the perfect designs for aboveground and inground pool landscaping. We take your personal preferences, the style of your home and the natural surroundings into account. Knowing it all starts with a great idea, we never choose ready-made, generic designs. We take each project seriously and develop designs from the input you give us. Our architects will work closely with you to create a luxury outdoor area that is perfectly tailored to your taste and budget.

Our designers are superbly coordinated with our construction experts to ensure the final pool space is functional and seamlessly blends with the natural environment. You can rest assured your pool will perfectly fit into the surroundings, whether it is inground or aboveground.

Our experienced team can help you select the ideal spot for your swimming pool and design a breathtaking space around it to enjoy. Whether you already have a clear idea or would like us to come up with an original design, you can trust us to deliver a 3D sketch that will sweep you off your feet!

Swimming Pool Landscaping

Landscape Design Around Pool Fencing

Fencing around swimming pools is one of the important legal requirements for Perth property owners. With our swimming pool landscaping, we ensure you fully comply with the WA rules while enjoying a stylish outdoor area. We make pool fencing chic!

If you choose us, we will think of a way to turn pool fencing into a stunning design concept that you will adore. Our team will create a unique structure that protects the pool area and seamlessly blends into the surrounding backyard. We produce quality outdoor pool landscaping that is both functional and beautiful, offering a noise and safety barrier at the same time.

Landscape Pool Design

We Have Extras For All Pool Landscaping Ideas

Green West offer lavish pool ideas that exude luxury and elegance. We ensure your pool surrounds are perfectly planned to provide plenty of space for relaxation and entertainment without compromising on quality. We prioritise both functionality and visual appeal so that you can fully enjoy the comfort and uncompromised beauty.

To make your tranquil pool even more enjoyable, we create extensive designs with features that include lush plants and lawn, elegant paving and composite decking, pool pergolas, garden lighting and fabulous seating areas. We can produce a backyard that satisfies your unique needs. Whether you want a family-friendly yard or lavish resort-style features, we will construct it for you. You can rely on our expertise to create extraordinary pool designs that are made to measure and tailored to your tastes.

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Pool Landscaping FAQs

Green West Landscaping specializes in crafting extraordinary outdoor pool landscapes that are not just functional but also luxurious and tranquil. Our approach is to create a space that’s ideal for relaxation, family entertaining, or elegant garden parties. We focus on exceeding expectations by delivering stunningly beautiful pool landscapes that feel like a natural extension of your home, tailored to both commercial and residential properties in Perth and WA.

Choosing Green West Landscaping for your pool landscape means getting breathtaking designs built with Perth’s climate in mind. Our team creates highly personalised and unique designs, working closely with you from the initial 3D design to professional execution. We ensure every detail is perfect, using top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to enhance your property’s value and make your swimming pool a focal point of your outdoor area.

With over 30 years of experience, our team understands the importance of personalisation in pool landscaping. We start with your ideas and preferences, considering the style of your home and natural surroundings, to create a luxury outdoor area tailored to your taste and budget. Our architects work closely with you to ensure the final pool space is functional and blends seamlessly with the environment, whether it’s inground or aboveground.

In our pool landscaping designs, we ensure full compliance with WA’s legal requirements for pool fencing, turning it into a stylish element of your outdoor area. Our team creates unique structures that not only protect the pool area but also seamlessly integrate with the backyard, providing both a noise and safety barrier. We focus on making pool fencing a chic and functional aspect of the overall design.

Green West Landscaping offers a range of lavish features to enhance your pool area, prioritising both functionality and aesthetics. Our designs can include lush plants, elegant paving, composite decking, pool pergolas, garden lighting, and fabulous seating areas. We cater to various preferences, whether you desire a family-friendly yard or resort-style features, ensuring your pool surroundings are perfectly planned for relaxation and entertainment.

Poolside Landscaping Services

Full Service from Design to Management

Green West offers a comprehensive pool design and construction service. Our project managers oversee the whole process and work closely with you to ensure you are always updated on the progress and included in decision–making. Our luxury pool landscaping is second to none because we have an experienced, talented and skilled team that delivers outstanding results. We take care of every aspect of pool landscaping from creating initial pool designs to construction, finishing touches and professional garden maintenance. You will never have to worry about a thing because your only job will be to enjoy swimming in your luxury pool with low maintenance.

We create pool landscape designs that are made for pure pleasure and enjoyment while taking care of every detail to ensure functionality, sustainability and durability. From paving and decking to the choice of plants, we will make sure that the pool surroundings are complementing your home and its natural setting. We have a full range of professional services to ensure your pool and backyard becomes a valuable asset of your property that you can enjoy for years to come. In addition to ground-breaking design ideas, we offer reliable and professional construction and management services that meet industry standards. We ensure everything goes smoothly and that your outdoor haven is built to perfection.

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