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Truly Extraordinary Landscapes Without Compromise.

We understand that hiring a landscape designer is a very important decision. Much like if you were commissioning a piece of artwork, you don’t just choose any artist. You want to ensure that you appreciate the style of the artist you choose and that you are confident that they can deliver what you request.

You know it and we know it… Every landscaping company in Perth will jump through hoops to secure your landscaping project. They will promise everything to win the work, but the question you will likely be asking yourself is, “Can they actually deliver on those promises?”

We don’t envy the choice you have to make, but we understand it and urge you to take the time to examine multiple landscapers to ensure you find the right fit for you. Greenwest Landscaping is not for everyone. We are very selective about the projects we take on and only work on bespoke landscape design projects.

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30 Years+ Creating Landscape Masterpieces

The Greenwest Landscaping team has more than 30 years of experience in designing and creating outdoor luxury landscapes. As our valued client, we treat your outdoor dream as though it was our own. We believe in the perfect mix of collaboration, service, understanding and experience to create the ideal landscape for you.

All great things start with an initial idea, which we further develop, nurture and grow until it becomes something truly amazing. Outstanding design helps us to build your outdoor dream. You can simply sit back, relax and watch the transformation happen.

Greenwest Landscaping is fully committed to creating unique luxury landscapes for each and every client we work with. We make it so that every day at home feels like a holiday in your favourite escape.

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The End Result Is Everything… But So Is The Experience!

As a luxury landscaper, we are committed to delivering the most extraordinary landscapes, without compromise. As well as this, we are dedicated to giving you the same level of integrity when it comes to your experience of working with us.

We are committed to delivering a personal service that builds long-lasting relationships based on trust and client satisfaction. We stand by the following 4 principles.

Unrivalled Service

We guide you through the experience, every step of the way and beyond, from your first meeting through to completion and maintenance.

Beautiful Experience

At Greenwest, we create beautiful landscapes and beautiful experiences. You will enjoy the whole process from start to finish.

Passion For Perfection

Our passion for your landscape starts with a passion for beautiful gardens. We love your outdoor space as much as you do and are committed to perfection.


We get to know you and focus on your individuality when creating your unique space. We firmly believe that the ideal landscape should be a true reflection of its owners.

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