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Greenwest Landscaping creates dream-like outdoor spaces that are made for pure indulgence. We make every garden an oasis of luxury that reflects your personal style and complements the interior and exterior of your home.  

Most importantly, our outdoor spaces are different! We never create boring or generic landscaping designs because we take a unique approach to every garden.  

When you ask our team of landscape designers in Perth, WA to develop a plan, they will work with you to come up with utterly fresh ideas you haven’t seen anywhere else. Whether you want tropical-style luxury, bohemian chic or European-inspired garden elegance, we will work on your ideas until you are fully happy with the 3D visualisation. 

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Landscape Designers in Perth

Custom-Made Landscapes

At Greenwest Landscaping, we provide fully customised, bespoke outdoor spaces tailored to your vision. Your journey starts with an in-depth consultation with our landscape designers, so we can outline a plan that reflects your luxury landscape aspirations. We want to learn all about your ideas, expectations, family needs and everyday habits to come up with a perfect landscape design.  

Our landscape designers are familiar with the latest trends in the industry, but they go beyond the ordinary. Each time we are commissioned to do a project, we try to put together a modern design that is unique and meticulously adapted to your needs and personal style. We make exteriors that perfectly complement the architecture and seamlessly connect interiors to the natural environment. 

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Professional Landscaping Design Perth

Landscape Design with Character

We know why professional landscape design matters! Our team at Greenwest Landscaping in Perth specialises in creating inspirational outdoor spaces that are an extension of your interior design and your inner self. We know that styling your garden is a delicate task just like designing your living room, because it is where your family spends most of the time during the summer season.  

Our talented landscape designers will take the time to envisage an outdoor home which can be used for relaxation, entertainment and work. From the detailed sketch to the realisation, we make sure that every aspect of your landscape residential design is fully functional, personalised and full of character. 

Our approach is very professional because we start with a solid plan that includes all the important details which we follow closely when constructing the garden design. Before we start building, you will get to see and approve the detailed 3D sketches or work on them with us until you are happy with the plan. You can rest assured every element is carefully thought through and designed to work for your outdoor space. 

View our landscape design portfolio to see some of our previous masterpieces. 

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Landscape Design and Construction Expertise

Greenwest Landscaping offers more than just appealing design solutions. We have a team of expert landscape design contractors who have experience in crafting workable plans and executing them to perfection. From choosing the plants that will express your personality and survive Perth weather to building jaw-dropping pool landscapes, patios and pergolas, and retaining walls, we make sure all the elements are carefully put together. Combined with top-notch design, our quality landscape construction work ensures that you have a custom-made garden you will enjoy in years to come. 

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Landscape Design FAQs

Greenwest Landscaping is renowned for creating unique and luxurious outdoor spaces that reflect each client’s personal style and complement their home’s interior and exterior. We avoid generic designs, instead focusing on fresh, innovative ideas tailored to your preferences, whether it’s tropical luxury, bohemian chic, or European elegance. Our designs are bespoke, ensuring your garden is a one-of-a-kind oasis.

Our process starts with an in-depth consultation to understand your vision, ideas, and lifestyle needs. Our landscape designers are well-versed in the latest industry trends but strive to go beyond the ordinary, creating modern designs that are unique and meticulously adapted to your personal style. We aim to create exteriors that complement your architecture and connect interiors with the natural environment seamlessly.

Our team at Greenwest Landscaping comprises expert landscape design contractors with extensive experience in crafting functional plans and executing them with precision. We specialize in selecting plants suited to Perth’s climate, constructing stunning pool landscapes, patios, pergolas, and retaining walls. Our comprehensive expertise ensures every element of your custom-made garden is thoughtfully integrated and built to last.

We believe that landscaping is as personal as interior design. Our talented landscape designers spend time envisioning an outdoor space that serves your needs for relaxation, entertainment, and work. Starting with a detailed plan, including 3D sketches for your approval, we ensure every aspect of your landscape design is functional, personalised, and full of character, reflecting your inner self and style preferences.

Absolutely. We encourage potential clients to view our landscape design portfolio, showcasing a range of our previous masterpieces. This portfolio illustrates our versatility, creativity, and commitment to delivering bespoke and luxurious outdoor spaces. It serves as a source of inspiration and a testament to our expertise in landscape design and construction.

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