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Spa Installation and Landscaping

Green West specialises in luxury spa landscaping and installation across Perth. We can create a tranquil oasis for pure indulgence where every detail is carefully crafted to complement the natural surroundings and cater to your needs. Whether you want an outdoor swim spa with landscaping or portable spa, we will make something truly extraordinary! We have a team of experts who can not only install a superb outdoor spa, but also design stunning landscaping around your spa.

The qualified and licenced team at Green West Landscaping can create anything you desire, be it lavish, multifaceted swim spa landscaping or pared-back outdoor spa landscaping. Flanked with lush plants, elegant paving and decking or pergolas, our outdoor spa landscaping is unique and astonishingly beautiful. Each design is a one-of-a-kind creation made with a specific client in mind.

Landscaping Around A Spa

Why Install And Landscape Around A Spa?

At Green West Landscaping, we create outstanding outdoor spas where you can truly relax and unwind. Spa facilities will improve the quality of your life and add value to your home in Perth. This is definitely a smarter investment than a classic pool because a spa will increase the price of your property and you don’t need a permit to install it. Additionally, you can cut maintenance costs during winter months.

If you already have a swimming pool, you can integrate the new spa facilities to create an even more indulgent outdoor setting. Featuring lush plants, flowers, rocks and wooden decks, spa pool landscaping creates the perfect retreat and relaxation area you can enjoy alone or with friends and family.

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Swim Spa Landscaping

Choose The Outdoor Spa To Suit Your Landscape

When we are designing outdoor spas, we make sure to think of everything that could affect your experience. Our landscape architects will carefully measure the space and think about the smallest details, such as the view you get when sitting in the tub or swimming in the pool. We carefully choose every element of the design, be it the type and colour of a plant or the texture of a stone. Here are some common spa types:

A swim spa is a perfect alternative to a classic pool! You can use it for swimming and relaxation, without the hassle and costs of installation and maintenance work associated with large swimming pools. The perfect rectangular shape ensures that you have swim distances, while adjustable flow rates allow you to use the pool for multiple purposes.

A gunite spa can transform any outdoor space into a blissful oasis of luxury. Since it is smaller than a spa pool or swim spa, it can be integrated into other facilities or simply stand alone. It is much easier to heat up and the design can be adjusted to your needs or the shape of your backyard. With features such as a waterfall, a gunite spa can be a truly indulgent place for you to unwind after a stressful day.

Fibreglass spas are cheaper to install and maintain than gunite spas, which makes them a convenient and budget-friendly alternative to all other options, including classic swimming pools. This type of outdoor spa is very versatile and comes in many different shapes and sizes. When you choose us to design it for you, you will get to choose the style you like and enhance the basic product with additional details like jet turbines and waterfall features.

Designed with ease of access in mind, walk-in spas are very practical and suitable for all users, including those with limited mobility. We make outstandingly beautiful and superbly functional walk-in spa facilities that are tailored to your needs and style requirements. We can reduce the risk of slipping and install hydrotherapy for your convenience.

If you want to make a pampering corner in your garden, a portable outdoor spa is an ideal solution! At Green West Landscaping, we provide easily installable and movable above-the-ground spa solutions that can be adjusted to any space. We have top-quality products that adhere to the highest safety standards and come in a wide range of styles and colour choices.

Outdoor Spa Landscaping

Outstanding Outdoor Spa Design

Professional outdoor spa landscaping can help you create a relaxing space you will treasure. With lush tropical plants, natural stones and wooden decking, landscaping around swim spas or a gunite spa can instantly transform your outdoor spa into a luxurious resort-like hideaway. At Green West Landscaping, we offer tailored solutions and spas that are designed uniquely for you. Our team makes sure that the facilities perfectly complement your home and are optimally sized to fit your garden space.

Our talented and experienced landscapists always make plans from scratch to ensure the design is perfectly tailored to your outdoor space. To enhance the look of your outdoor spa, we can install paving, decking, lighting, privacy barriers and many other elements. Let us add the wow factor to your spa area that will take everyone’s breath away!

Spa Landscaping

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When building an outdoor spa area, quality installation and landscaping work is paramount. Green West Landscaping has the most professional spa installation and landscaping experts that are fully skilled and licenced to finish the job from start to finish. Whether you need outdoor swim spa landscaping or spa pool installation, you can rest assured our team will efficiently and meticulously complete the process. Request a quote or contact us for spa installation and landscaping in Perth today!

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Spa Landscaping FAQs

Green West specialises in luxury spa landscaping and installation, offering a range of options including outdoor swim spas, portable spas, and more. Our team creates tranquil oases that are carefully crafted to complement the natural surroundings and your personal needs. We provide customised spa landscaping solutions, whether you’re looking for lavish, multifaceted swim spa landscaping or a more pared-back outdoor spa design.

Installing and landscaping around a spa can significantly improve the quality of your life by providing a relaxing and indulgent outdoor setting. It’s a smart investment as it can increase the value of your property and doesn’t typically require a permit for installation. Spa facilities, especially when integrated with beautiful landscaping like lush plants, flowers, and wooden decks, create a perfect retreat for relaxation and social gatherings.

Green West Landscaping’s landscape architects meticulously measure and plan your spa area, considering every detail from the view you’ll enjoy while relaxing in your spa to the type and colour of plants and the texture of stones. Our team ensures that every element of the design complements your home and fits optimally within your garden space, creating a spa landscape that is uniquely tailored to you.

Our outdoor spa designs are enhanced with features like lush tropical plants, natural stones, wooden decking, paving, lighting, and privacy barriers. These elements transform your spa area into a luxurious, resort-like hideaway. We tailor these solutions to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that your outdoor spa perfectly complements your home and landscape.

Absolutely. Green West Landscaping has a team of professional, skilled, and licenced experts who handle the entire process of spa installation and landscaping, from start to finish. Whether you need outdoor swim spa landscaping or spa pool installation, our team will complete the job efficiently and meticulously, ensuring high-quality installation and a beautifully landscaped spa area.

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