Kangaroo-Proof Plants

It may seem odd to gardeners in other parts of the world that kangaroos can be a real pest
in Australian gardens. They eat their way through many precious plants including roses, fruit trees
and bedding plants, even hardy native plants which do not appear tasty at all!
It seems there aren’t many plants which kangaroo won’t eat. Aromatic and prickly shrubs are
the last to be munched, but by late summer in dry conditions, roos seem to eat almost anything.
The following list has been compiled from information gathered from local gardeners. We welcome your comments about your experience with Kangaroos in the garden.

Kangaroos don’t seem to like…

• Anigozanthos Yellow Gem
• Alyogyne hueglii
• Astartea fasciculata
• Austramyrtus dulcis (Midyim)
• Baeckia virgata
• Banksia blechnifolia
• Banksia grandis
• Beaufortia purpurea
• Boronia heterophylla
• Callistemon ‘Endeavour’
• Callistemon ‘Reeves Pink’
• Calothamnus graniticus
• Calothamnus hirsutus
• Chamelauceum spp. (Geraldton Wax)
• Correa ‘Dusky Bells’
• Crowea exalata
• Dampiera diversifolia
• Darwinia oldfieldii
• Eremophila glabra
• Eremophila maculata ‘Pink Passion’
• Philotheca myoporoides (Native daphne)
• Grevillea bipinnatifida (Fuchsia grevillea)
• Grevillea ‘Boongala Spinebill’
• Grevillea ‘Honey Gem’
• Grevillea hookeriana
• Grevillea ‘Lemon Supreme’
• Grevillea ‘Mt Tamboritha’
• Grevillea nudiflora
• Grevillea obtusifolia
• Grevillea ‘Robyn Gordon’
• Grevillea ‘Superb’
• Grevillea ‘Winpara Gold’
• Hakea ‘Burrundong Beauty’
• Hakea bucculenta (red pokers)
• Hakea francisiana
• Hakea laurina (pincushion hakea)
• Hemiandra pungens (Snake bush)
• Hibbertia scandens
• Hovea pungens (Devil pins)
• Hypocalyma angustifolium (Pink myrtle)
• Hypocalyma robustum (Swan River myrtle)
• Kunzea baxteri
• Leptospermum ‘Cardwell’
• Leptospermum sericium (Esperance tea tree)
• Macropidia fulginosa (Black kangaroo paw)
• Melaleuca armillaris (bracelet honey myrtle)
• Melaleuca bracteata ‘Revolution Gold’
• Melaleuca incana (chenille honey myrtle)
• Melaleuca nesophila
• Prostanthera ovalifolia (Native Mint)
• Thryptomene saxicola
• Westringia fruticosa (Native rosemary)

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